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Bolster - Jeffries Health Care Group is a privately owned health care company providing long term care and rehabilitation services to the elderly and special needs residents in our communities.  We are dedicated to providing our residents with a healthy lifestyle that ensures a feeling of security, independence and peace of mind.  Our experience and genuine concern enable us to give the highest quality care possible.  We work constantly to stay abreast of the many issues which affect the rapidly changing field of healthcare.

Our facilities maintain a reputation of excellence with an uncompromising attention to detail that is only surpassed by a long standing commitment to customer service.  We are grounded in traditional values and are proud to be an integral part of the communities we serve.  Our facilities are enriched by the lives of our residents, their families and friends.  We believe quality and excellence are fundamental to our business and we adhere to the highest professional standards in all programs and services we provide.

The principles of professionalism, integrity and outreach are reassuring hallmarks of our facilities.  We are staffed with teams of professionals who are dedicated to the individual needs and personal dignity of each resident.  We strive to establish quality standards of care and service that we would demand for ourselves.  We believe leadership and responsibility are inseparable and promote integrity of performance as the keystone by which we will build and retain the trust of the people served and employed by our company.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to continuously strive for excellence in the provision of long-term care.  We are committed to becoming the health care provider of choice, offering quality services that generate a high reputation and respect within our communities and surrounding areas.  We will achieve this vision by dedicating ourselves to the development of excellence in health professionals committed to the well-being of the people we serve.  We recognize the importance of being an organization that is aggressive and proactive in developing efficient and quality health care services.